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(no subject) [Jul. 25th, 2004|06:50 pm]
I am covering a PBX shift and am being held captive in the back room. The bell folk come to visit me occasionaly but other that that I am here with my book, box of wheat thins, and radio. I wait for the phone to ring. It doesn't really ring, more like it beeps. Mat just left to gte me coffee at DD and I am very thankful for that. Tomorow he and I will meet to go to our benefits. I didn't think I'd make it that far. Today my boss called me "puddin" after I gave him some wheat thins. I laughed at him. It was quite funny.

Ok, I guess thats all. Reg cards are here. It's time to stapel.
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just imagine [Jul. 15th, 2004|09:51 pm]
I'm having one of those days when my mood spirals downward and I have no control over it. I want andy to come home nowish so we can watch a movie. I'm sick of Jason (ie his lack of following through) and all of the crap that comes from it. I'm annoyed at my place in the grand scheme. I want new clothes, and hair, and a body. By tommorow, I'll probably feel a lot better.

New boy at work. Youngish, with strong ideals, opnions, and beliefs. And very well educated. Pretty to look at. Going to work is fun.
"The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell, and a hell of Heaven"

Yeah, I think that just made me feel better :)
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Blech [Jul. 13th, 2004|08:04 pm]
Work today, what else? I had a class of creative problem solving and a lot of not doing much else. Yay!! I like quiet days like that. Tommorrow is an 8 hour PBX shift which means time to sit and read. I need a day like that.

Veronica and Dave will be moving soon and that is sad. The local group is slowly getting smaller. Andy and I are still talking about where we're headed but no real plans yet.

Next week is the beach with my parents. I hope the weather gets better for it.

I'm not doing much else....umm... yeah! Thats all!
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And the winner is! [Jul. 12th, 2004|11:26 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |Tuesday Afternoon]

Umm.. a few weeks back I posted about meeting some famous guy. He's gone now. That was Mike Myers.

A beautiful blond is in house now. A famous actress blond. I have talked to her directly twice. This is a very exciting thing considering who she is. She leaves on July 14 so if I remember I'll post who it was.

Umm...I hate my job somedays but then a famous person talks to me.
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My kingdom for an update [Jul. 1st, 2004|10:33 pm]
Well, a lot has happened. I went to my first coctail reception. It was at Wheatleigh and I met lots of interesting folks and drank champagne and had little food niblets (like I could spell the other word for them!). We talked about Country Clubs and summer houses and I was way out of place but had a blast. Last night we went to Cranwell to see the News in Review. Great show. Everyone should see it. It runs throughout the summer, every day except Wednesdays. They had preview night and threw a great reception with lots of desserts. I ran into some of the folks I had seen the night before and they remembered my name.

I know I'm not on the same level with these folks but it's so much fun to pretend.
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Oh-My-Fucking-Goodness!!! [Jun. 26th, 2004|10:23 pm]
[Current Mood |shockedshocked]
[Current Music |"Turn it On" Genesis]

I promised another update and here it is. I'm at work and it's been crazy. Then this woman looses a pair of earings and I'm on the phone with security filing a report and then it happens. He walks in with his wife. Now the office is quiet, mind you, but I'm stuck on the phone so I can't acknowledge him. Then, as I hang up, they leave!!! My first damn famous person and I can't even say hello. And he's like uber famous (mainstream movies people!!!) and totally recognizable. But at least I can say I've been within 2 feet of him.

Oh, and I can't say who he is. I will after he leaves Lenox but for now I have to be good. I signed a piece of paper that said I would be. Binding contract and all. Lawyers will attack me if it spreads.

But I saw him!!!!!!
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Today [Jun. 24th, 2004|11:26 pm]
So much is changing that I have no way to put it all down. The cultural season is up and going. Work is work. Life is life. Yada yada yada. Yet, this seemed to be a bit more important. It was in Kevins AIM profile today.

"I, Kevin Paul Grabowski, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

Good for you. I am prouder of you than you know. Pick your course and follow it with conviction. Keep yourself safe. I love you and make sure you come back to us.

And yet, my heart still breaks to know he will be leaving.
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MIddle [Jun. 17th, 2004|06:18 pm]
It's been a tough few days. Lots of ups and downs. I stayed over at the Ranch as a guest (up), got a massage (up), lots of free stuff (up,) set up a weight loss plan and a nutrition plan (up), sat naked in a jacuzzi naked (up? maybe?), took lots of fitness classes (up), and had tasty, yet healthy food (up).

I was told by the nutritionist that I eat horribly (down), got very little sleep (down), and had a nightmare that someone came into my room in the night (down). Oh, and the big downer. I had my heart brokenish by an evil evil boy. Not really, He's actually really great, thats why this sucks so much. I think what sucks more is that I've lost a great friend. Genoa- all things said, everything took care of itself in the end. I kinda wish he'd call but I know for a fact he won't. He's strong willed (I always admired that) and now I'll face the brunt of it. I wish I knew how he really felt, because empty words hurt and thats all I think I may have gotten out of him.

Wow, thats a bit eh? Going home to andy tonite. Thank god for my best friend who sleeps in my bed. Being young sucks.
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I'm at work [Jun. 11th, 2004|09:43 pm]
Bored, but happy. All of my catch up paperwork is complete, including the comp reports. Ben said somehtign about going through the box to find more, but not tonite. SO I have an hour or so to just be here and not do anything!!!! Saweet. Genoa- call me at work!!!
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Life [May. 31st, 2004|08:57 pm]
[Current Mood |ditzyditzy]

Life has thrown me quite a few curveballs. I'm at work right now and very very bored. Holly is wowing me with her veiws on the goverment and Cathy has just left. I found out I can send text messages via my cell (where the hell have I been for 3 years!!!). I guess thats all.
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